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Wicked! Thanks for posting the new info, tcs, it's nice to have someone else keeping on top of this so I don't have to. Nice to see Sunrace/Sturmey posting such detailed schematics.

Here's a question for you; On the SA blog they're trying to gauge interest in a 130mm OLD version of the hub. If the axle is 170mm long as indicated by the diagram, wouldn't a 5mm spacer on either side of the axle do the trick? The 20mm of axle remaining on each side should be enough to accomidate droputs and axle nuts, shouldn't it?

The reason I'm obsessing over the OLD of this hub is that I'm having a custom frame built with which I'd like to use the S3X, but I can imagine wanting the option of using a regular cassette hub and derailluer sometime in the future. So far, these dropouts: spaced to 130mm seems to be the most versitile option.

darksiderising, I may well be wrong, but I feel like skidding will probably not be recommended with this hub. Stumey Archer internals have the reputation for being tough, but applying that kind of extreme back pressure to springs and pawls sound like a recipie for voided warranty.

Nice to see this project coming together. I was afraid for a while it was just bound to be a nerdy pipe dream. Now I sure hope someone distributes it in Canada!
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