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Originally Posted by cbfight View Post
I have that bike pump and it's marginally useless for anything other than getting barely enough air in the tires to make the limp back home. Yes, I suppose one could get 120 psi using that tiny thing, but it's a monstrous pain to do so, not to mention unless you have a tree or rock handy, very difficult to brace the wheel as the bars build up. I've torn my fair share of valve stems when fixing flats on the road.
haha. The first night I got my bike I pumped the tires to 100 using my previously mentioned Wal-Mart pump, it was all I had on hand. The gauge on it went past 120 so I figured it would work out alright, haha.... wrong

My right pec and tricep were pretty sore the next day. And the pump stem thingy has a nice 45 degree bend in it now, when it used to be straight.
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