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Originally Posted by Schwinnrider View Post
Seems like a nice bag. As iwegian said, if you weren't going to use it for hiking, I'd also suggest a messenger. bag. They're great for on-the-bike use, of course. If you want a backpack that's great on the bike, I've read really good reviews about Ergon:

Then there are the really nice messenger backpacks:

But a rack and panniers are far superior to carrying the load on your back.

Thanks for the link to the Ergon pack, I'll look at that too when making a decision. And I plan on using it for hiking too, so I probably won't be getting a messenger bag.

Originally Posted by Lizzylou View Post
I can't say I agree with the messenger bag pluggers. I have never noticed and great difference with a stabilization strap. It might make the bag 10% less irritating. Especially when you have to get out of the saddle, having any signifigant weight in the messenger bag tends to be unwieldy.

I much prefer my small backpack that I also use for hiking. It has a sculpted back so it is comfortable even when in the drops, and it fits so close there is no danger of it 'flying up and hitting me in the back of the head.'

One downside to a backpack. VERY sweaty back.

But I also have to agree with a rack and panniers being the very best, most comfortable option.

Ya I was riding last summer with a small Camelbak and my back was always soaked even after shorter 6 mile or less rides. But North Face advertises that it has some back sweat saver technology. It's like a vent or something, but if I get the pack and it turns out to ineffective I'll just pack a shirt to change into.

Originally Posted by Dtuns
If you just want something for bike rear rack an paniers

I was considering that, but then I realized that I'm commuting to school so it's not exactly a place to be leaving panniers on my bike.

Thanks to everyone that replied as well. I decided to get the Solaris 35
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