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there are several brands of bear repellent on the market now. REI carries one at about $40.00 a can.
Range according to the label 30 ft. Garunteed (did I spell that rgiht?) to stop a grizzly bear. Label also warns that it is not for use on humans. Supposedly it can cause death due to inflamation of mucus membranes. Here is the link
IF IT WILL STOP A GRIZZLY most likely it will stop a dog four legged or other.
Mine is velcroed to my top tube, just in case a grizz wanders into town on my daily commute. Grizzly bears can sprint at 30 mph+ and I doubt I could out ride one.
But seriously as has been suggested before, at what point in time do you take defensive action ? That is a tough one. My daily commute takes me through a bad hood into a really bad hood. I do not stop at lights, standing still you are a target.
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