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Originally Posted by no1mad View Post
Another option in conjunction w/backpack: a crate of some kind on the rear rack. I've got a milk crate that I used before I got my new backpack. The new bag doesn't fit. But I think I've found a solution to the sweaty back. An idea that I am whole heartedly recycling from one of the members here. Use one of those flat crates that vending machine companies use to haul their bottled beverages in.

There was one that was left behind at work. My backpack fit, so if that flat crate is still there when I clock out on Monday, I am going to *repurpose* that bit of plastic.

I used a milkcrate for a year, then got a wald rear basket and never looked back at top-heavy milkcrate sway ever again. Now i use a timbuk2 backpack which i'm very satisfied with. No waist strap but even with weight the shoulder straps and pack hug my back when i'm riding and doesn't move around. If my back gets sweaty I just stick the backpack in the rear basket.

So for me, backpack+rear basket is perfect since I can just take my stuff with me easily and stick it in my basket when I don't feel like wearing it.
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