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Riding down the lake front path in chicago on a nice summer day.
The cyclist in front of me encounters a whole bunch of geese in the path. I slow. He doesn't.
I have no idea what he was thinking.
He had some of kind of super fancy road bike and was all decked out in your standard 'I spent as much money as I possibly could on this **&$ equipment' type of cyclist gear. (Which I am not against in any way.......unless you are a complete cycling idiot.)

So, a whole lot of geese. A cyclist.
What do you do?
This guy guns it.
Stands up and CRANKS.
Straight into a whole pile of geese....
The funny part, and I swear this is all true,.....

He manages to have one of them, as they quack, flee, and chaoticly run in every direction, thrust its head into his spokes. He goes as$ over elbows in a flailing, screaming goose explosion. He is hurt. Bad. He doesn't get up immediately.

I have stopped at this point, and I will never forget what happens next.
Roughly 30 geese brutally and viciously attack this moron. He is laying there in a heap of still clipped in bicycle/goose butchery. He is yelling and flailing his arms around. They are flying into the melee just to get a crack at this guy. Honking, quacking, wings flapping and the god the pecking.

I had no idea of the amount of carnage that a few geese are able to unleash upon something.
A couple seconds later, I am ringing my bell and yelling while slowly riding up into this.
They all scatter, but as they do, a couple of them take a few final sucker punches at his face.

"Are you alright man?!"
"Yeah, leave me the *&%$ alone"
His face was covered with tiny gashes, bleeding pretty good. I think the ensuing onslought did quite a bit more damage than the endo.
He scrambled up onto his bike and rode off, trying to straighten his seat by punching it as he rode.

DON'T f&%# with geese.
The one that he hit was nearly decapitated.
And the rest of them were REALLY, really angry about it

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