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I can't speak for rural environments, but in nasty neighborhoods things like pepper spray give people a false sense of security.

If you're talking about wild kids, its not just 1 or 2, it is typically a whole mob. In my neighborhood the MO of kid bikejackers (or cyclist tippers) is to push the cyclist off his bike with one quick shove and then swarm around him and take the bike (if they want it) while he's on the ground. Pepper spray won't help in a situation like that and could instead cause the cyclist to get his ass kicked. And if you do get your hands on one of them you are going to look the jerk for pummeling a 5 foot kid. Its at best a no-win situation.

The best solution is to have some street smarts, avoid riding through groups of kids, and look out for set-ups where you could become a target. I've also found that its not a good idea to ride through sketchy areas dressed like Captain America.
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