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Originally Posted by sekaijin View Post
Miamijim, badger biker - if you were able to take a look at the assembly of your Symmetrics, that would be a huge help!

If you do, take care when removing the three outermost parts in my first photo. What happened with me was, I took those off and some other parts fell right off and got mixed up.

Aside from the cam, the notched spacers are my biggest brainteaser. Actually they are worse because the cam has only one right way and one wrong way to install it, but the notched spacers could fit back in lots of wrong ways - wrong order, wrong rotational orientation, wrong heads-tails orientation, tabbed washer positioned with the tab in the wrong notch.

In fact the more I think about the notched spacers, the more I think they are placed wrong in the picture. Logically, I'm thinking the middle and right-side ones should be switched. That would put the two identical notched spacers in matching outboard positions, flanked by other parts that match symmetrically.

The other notched spacer, the unique one, probably goes in the middle spot since that is the asymmetrical part of the assembly.
I apologize that I don't have time right now to do a complete disassemble. I have 7 inches of snow to clear out of the drive tonight and we are leaving town tomorrow for the weekend. But I did check the outer pieces you were interested in and you do have them in the correct order. The double notched one you have on the right side is definitely from that side. I can't vouch for exactly how the identical 2 go on the left at this point for sure but I think you have them correct also.

Here is how my right is set up. The inner spacer (right lever) has the big notch that matches the notch in the lever. Then with the lever at about mid point the other spacer with the little clip is facing about straight up with the clip fitting in the other notch of the first inner spacer. The outer Suntour ring goes next with its notch fitting slightly aft and down from the clip on the smaller outer spacer.
I remember the issue I had was getting the cam set up so that it was moving the left lever in the same direction up and down the tube as you are moving the right lever. Bigger gears in rear equate to downward slide (slack) and inner movement of front derailleur.
I also recall you need to get a fair amount of tension on the lock bolt on the right so it doesn't loosen the whole assembly after a while. I don't think mine has the little lock washers you do though.

I'll keep an eye on this thread and if you still need help the beginning of the week I can take another look and maybe get a pic. I liked the pic of your Le Tour. I thought I got a deal at $30 with crappy wheels but yours was better. Mine also has center pulls and from the pic it looks like yours may have sidepulls. Same color though although my decals except the tubing sticker were all worn off. I have it set up with front and rear racks as a grocery getter. I'll try to post a pic next week.
Good luck and lube the inside parts good since you want smooth action for the cam.

BTW I don't think Sheldon was wrong - I think he may not have had the patience at the time to see the correct adjustment through. I know when I can't get something right at first I immediately call it a POS!
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