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Originally Posted by DnvrFox
I have been on bulletin boards and the internet since they first started and I got a computer with a 300 baud modem in the 80's - and if having redundant questions and expressions bothers you a lot, then perhaps you need to find somewhere else to occupy your time.

With a forum with new people all the time, you get the same questions again and again and again. And that is the nature of forums and BB's. Just get used to it! It will never change no matter how rude or nice we are to each other - so, the best solution IMHO is to attempt to be nice rather than rude. Sadly, I don't always do that, but I try (and I am trying even harder lately)!
Wow someone who knows what a real bbs is nice. BAck in the days when everyone was a newb at something haha I really miss those days (and the games too)

He has it right. Its the nature of the beast. If you don't like, in reality you need to start your own bulletin board and post strict rules. Oh wait, any *nix group is already like this, built to sustain the elite and scare the newbs away. We try to slow the questions with stickies but they are still bound to be asked.

As for the posts that are mean, again with the newbs you get the troll, baby troll and jerks. It is, again, the nature ofthe beast. I wish I could remember that website that had them all listed and pics to represent them.
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