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I test rode the Swift folder in New York City. It's a nice bike and rode well. The frame is stiffer than my Dahon Speed 8 and it can make for a rougher ride. On the plus side, since the frame doesn't split in two like Dahon, it doesn't feel a flexy. It's actually better for the heavier rider. I think a suspension seat post or a Brooks saddle would be in order. I told Peter Reich that he should buy some of Dahon's technology in making the package fold smaller. It's not an attractive fold and the fast fold is just not good enough and could be made better.

Peter's a nice guy and if I had an additional $800.00 under the couch, I would buy his bike. However, at that price, I think the Dahon Speed Pro gives you more value. I think the lowest end Bike Friday would match Peter's bike and would probably look nicer. (Sorry Peter)
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