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Originally Posted by james Haury
Does anyone own a swift folder that is one brand of folding bicycle never mentioned here.They may be a good alternative for someone seeking the single ride albeit not cheap.
Yes, really liked my Swift folder because
1. when I drove into the city I could take it out of the car trunk and ride off quickly. Had only to tighten two clamps. Faster and easier to unfold than any other folder I have owned (quite a few).
2. the ride is comfortable, more like a regular bike than other folders. 20-inch wheels are good, and the tires can be upgraded with faster skinny Continentals. Highway riding was fine.
3. the 7-speed Shimano hub was a pleasure to shift, working much better than any derailleur system. Had bought the single speed version of the bike, but the improvement with the new hub was great.
4. got a custom color paint job new from the dealer
5. the dealer, Peter, in Brooklyn NY is remarkably helpful and patient.
6. the long steering tube allows you to hang a small backpack on the handlebars without touching the wheel. Very practical for carrying more than most bikes will allow, excepting panniers

Made one big improvement, to extend the reach of the handlebars (I have long arms and like to lean forward, do not like to sit upright), by fitting a tandem rear stem to hold the handlebars. The steering is still just a little twitchy, not quite like a full-sized bike.
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