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i live across the street from two schools, Grand View Boulevard Elementary‎ and Wildwood. that being said, you can understand why the first 1/4 mile of my commute can be a pain.

Wildwood actually has the audacity to post signs that instruct pedestrians to "Yield to Cars"

Grand View does not use it's built in drop off on the property adjacent to a 6 lane street and instead marks off a two lane street to create a new drop off in traffic.

for about four hours a day (or something) cars are wrapped around the block here...
no one really stops at the stop signs unless the crossing guard gets off her tuft. and everyone is burning rubber in a rush.

you are right, no one gets it, stop using the car, use what exists... stop spending money on orange vests and start educating the people.

and we need to stop instilling this fear in our children that outside is unsafe. i had to fight with my mom to ride my bike to school at age 11 and it was only a few blocks away. she insisted she drive me on the way to school out of concerns for safety... coming home from elementary school in the car i witnessed 3 car accidents. i never once came in conflict with a car when on my Mongoose BMX.

rocky d is an imbecile... the "“Making do with less in tough times.”" is such a load of crap... they let advertising run tax free rampant in LA yet there has not been one successfully wide reaching bike advocacy/education campaign in LA. the politicos here screw up so much.

when are they going to realize we need to start restricting cars from infrastructure to reduce traffic and safety concerns -- and not creating new infrastructure?!
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