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29er stumpjumper comp or Epic comp?

I am considering buying either an 09 stumpjumper 29er comp or an 09 specialized epic comp. Both have similar components, though the epic has a better fork in the fox f100.

I currently ride an 02 stumpy hardtail. I have always ridden hardtails, and have had trouble getting used to standard full suspensions. I'm thinking the brain on the epic should make it feel more like a hardtail though. I live in missouri and usually ride castlewood, chubb trail, siue, berryman, lost valley, etc if anyones ridden there. Most trails here are hardpack with some roots and small rocks. A few hills but nothing like out west obviously. Most of the trails are rideable on a hardtail, but I think they'd be much easier with a rear shock.

I work at a shop and theres only a $200 difference between the two after my discount, so price isn't much of a concern. I'm 6ft 160.

What do you guys think?
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