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No doubt, I'm in the first group. Although I don't race. I started riding for fitness. I've played competitive sports all my life and found cycling to fulfill the fitness need while at the same time giving me the thrill of competition. Although My main Nemesis is myself. Although I'll be the first one to stop and help out another rider, I do my best to stay with the front pack.

What I've done is surround myself with small, fast riders. We ride in rolling terrain, which is so challenging to me on the steeps, being 6'3" 225. The little guys just fly by, but it helps me improve to try and keep up. On our last Century in East Tn, lots of climbs, I got 51.1mph on one downhill. Got a little respect from the little guys that day. But like I said to make yourself better you must surround yourself with people better than yourself.

What I do hate is crusing at 21-23mph, doing all I can do to hang on , then we go around a corner and see another group of riders a half mile up. You know what that means.

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