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I will generally try to deal with any hops first, then move on to the sideways true. Also, since you can move the rim by either tensioning one side or by loosening the opposite side, be aware of the tension on the surrounding spokes. If you do not have a tension meter, try plucking the spokes. Ideally the spokes on a each given side will have the same tension ... or make the same tone when plucked.

Example: you need to move a section of the rear wheel left, towards the non drive side (nds). You pluck the nds spokes and they are all about the same tone. Then you pluck the drive side and in the area you want to move they are noticeably higher pitched than the others on the ds. You would want to true the rim by loosening the ds spoke rather than by tightening the nds more.

Its not rocket science ... but low spoke count wheels can be a real pain.
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