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Anyone notice his phone number next to his e-mail address? Heck with e-mailing him, why don't we all give this idiot a call. If he personally answers then we can voice our strong distaste to his article if enough of us do it he will go nuts, hopefully. If someone else answers we can drive that person crazy with messages to give to him. And if a voice mail answers, just leave a message. There has got to be a limit as to how many messages his voce mail can hold.

Either way he will get the message from us that his article, while a very poor attempt at being funny was a very bad idea. Even though it is a humour column imagine how many idiots who read this will take it seriously and attempt to do harm to cyclists, even if they don't already. They may think, hey a columnist says its funny and ok to do so, so I'll try it and maybe get a laugh out of it. Then they might realize it was not so funny after all but by then it is to late. One of us is either injured, maybe in the hospital or worse. And all because some schumck says its funny.

You'd think that will all of the cyclist deaths we have all been hearing and reading about this idiot would not have written this article. And I don't by the excuse he did not know about any of them.

Don't know about the rest of you but I for one am going to give this idiot a call.
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