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Originally posted by Lumpy_Leg
Anyone notice his phone number next to his e-mail address? Heck with e-mailing him, why don't we all give this idiot a call. If he personally answers then we can voice our strong distaste to his article if enough of us do it he will go nuts, hopefully. If someone else answers we can drive that person crazy with messages to give to him. And if a voice mail answers, just leave a message. There has got to be a limit as to how many messages his voce mail can hold.
Honestly, why does anybody give a sh*t what this tosser thinks? I mean, I'd love to say something like "see you at the bottom of Springbrook and you'll die before we get to the top ya' fat turd!" I could also send him ******, but honestly, what's the point? E-mails and phone calls will only give this guy more ammunition. The readers of that article will never see the phone calls or whatever, but they will see his response to it.

I say, let him rave on for now and eventually the fat bastard will die of obesity anyway. I really don't think he's worth the effort of a phone call.
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