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I had to post this. It's a reply from my teammate to the article.

"In this time where cyclists are being killed by motorists in some very high-profile cases, it is sad to see someone try to defend the aggressive motorists' deadly road rage in a blindingly ignorant article written under the pretense of "humor".

The lack of recognition of cycling as a true sport (more popular throughout the world than baseball or American football) by ignoring the fact that many of the riders you see in Austin are regional, national or UCI pros that train there or in and around Everytown, USA.

The assumption that cycle clothing is worn only to emulate pros and that cyclists are an "annoyance" continues the impressive stream of ignorance and intolerance while encouraging aggression against cyclists on the road.

Don't you think the next Lance Armstrong could be riding along at 17mph when some motorist takes your comments like:
"Why not do the same thing with these Tour de France bicyclists? Think how much times would be improved if the bulls were set upon the riders. I'd watch the Tour de France if I thought I'd get to see a horn flashing and the sound of Lycra popping."
to heart and decide to cut off, strike, head into or swerve into that cyclist? Don't think it could happen? It has and does. Here is just an example:

I could take your editorial with a grain of salt if only you wrote with some actual wit. Instead, you choose to alienate a growing sport in Austin and the rest of the country while patting deadly driving on the back. Even more stupefying, only a week earlier, you write about a "2-wheeler biker chick" that visits "warriors" in the hospital. Well, there are dozens of "warriors" fighting for their lives because of reckless drivers with attitudes like yours.

Next time, try to write an article with actual humor. Lacking those skills, at least encourage tolerance with the pulpit you have been given. Ignorance on the caliber which you put on display simply should not exist for a legitimate newspaper man."
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