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Oh,Lets bash the cyclist.
You have to understand this guys mentality,he cant think of any thing funny so he has to take the piss out of a minority,you see it all the time.
Now i dont really want to lower myself to his level,but what the heek.
Why dont they get the bulls to chase him while hes running,it just might covert that fat into some brain power.
However I come across this type of cave man every day as I ride a recumbent.One comment that was made to me by a passanger
in a van as it went passed was ,LAZY WA__ER,and Im the one exercising.Just one example of what were dealing with.
If he rode a bike he would understand,that cars get in our way,
I was coming down a hill yesterday<on my upright>and a car pulled out in front of me,never even seen me,the person driving
was a old woman,about 300 years old,she then drove doen the hill so slow that i had to stop pedalling and slow myself with down.
She still didnt see me,and she drove in a way I just could not get past,a man saw my face on the way past ,and started laughing.
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