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This guy, John Kelso, is the Mainstream. Mr.Lazy Luxury. We may dislike it, but he is the incarnation of the prevailing attitude in the society.

Some time ago smoking was the Mainstream also. Soldiers were receiving cigarettes as part of a daily ration. Movie stars posed with a compulsory cigarette.

Bicycle should become more than just a sport. I do not see any other way of containing smog, worsening of the city streets, global warming, obesity and other related problems.

Like with smoking the main attitude of society may change. A lot of work is needed for it, just like it was with the smoking.

Who knows, perhaps, one day we will see warning signs on the motorways: "The Surgeon General warns that driving a car is dangerous for you health and for the health of many other people. It is also extremely harmful to the nature. Use nearby bicycle trail instead."

Nevertheless, we need people like John Kelso. People who write articles in newspapers. If you call or e-mail him, do not antagonize him, try instead to convince him to change colors.

A good bike with wide tires may withstand even such ...hmm...well, such a large man like John. If he becomes a cyclist, he will do more for the cause, than an average cyclist. "...thus there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner that repents than over ninety-nine righteous ones..."

I am not sure that it will work though with this particular man. It seems to be the disturbed logic to compare cruel corrida torturing of animals with folks, who just select bicycle to get from point A to point B without destroying environment by this, without annoying people in the nearby homes with toxic fumes and rubber dust.

The automobiles exhaust not only toxic fumes, but the rubber dust from the tires too. This rubber dust, which John leaves after him on the street does much more harm, than lycra shorts.
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