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I have at least one set of the Shimano SPD pedals that come on bikes at the shop. They're laying in the garage somewhere. They worked fine, but had a "creak" that I didn't like. You have to clean them after each ride. I switched to the "open" "mud flinging" design and it's been silent. I've got a Shimano set of those, and a Ritchey pair from Nashbar, and they work great. I had a single sided pair of Performance SPD pedals, the Ti ones, and they were great, but I wanted two sided pedals for easy clip in.( Gave those away.)Lots of people in my club use the Performance SPD pedals, and they've all had them on for the 3 years I've been riding with them. Some of those pedals get 3-4,000 miles a year.
I also have a pair of Michelin Eriliums in the garage with about 300 miles on them that I decided I didn't like as much as Continental Gatorskins, so they're just laying around. They're not a racing type tire, but they'd do until you got some other tires.
How far away from Newark are you?

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