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Originally posted by oceanrider
Let me put it this way, I ride my Nishiki so I think it's safe enough to ride under fair weather conditions. I guess it depends on the way you look at it. You get to know your bike and you work with what you have. It's a kind of relationship. But to outfit a new custom bike with these characters is something that behooves me unless you're trying to duplicate a retro vintage bike. The stem shifters are a bigger problem than the brakes IMO because of their placement. My gut runs into them throwing them out of gear sometimes during dismounts hence the term "gut rippers". It's a pain getting going again and some care is needed.
Now we are really getting off tangent, but I am intrigued by your comments, Ocean rider.

You say that the stem mounted shifters hit your stomach? Do you mean the stem shifters that mount to the handlebar stems?

If yes, you must really ride long and low over the top of your handlebars. Even when I am in the drops, my stomach never gets close to the stem - maybe my chest does.

In any event, I sure agree with you that stem shifters are in an inconvenient place. Except for my collectible touring bikes, I try to replace the stem shifters on all my old bikes.
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