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The big advantage of a clipless shoe for your purposes is going to be the fact that it's designed with a recessed cleat.

That cleat is going to be a giant PITA -
1. It's going to dig right into your foot every time you step down - ow, ow, ow
2. It's going to click and clack on whatever surface you're walking on. Shoes designed for the cleat sometimes click and clack on concrete. I've heard the Eggbeater cleats and pedals don't, but haven't tried them myself.
3. It's going to be slippery and make just staying upright noticeably more complicated because the only part of the front of your foot touching the ground is going to be the cleat.

The question you should probably be asking is "What normal looking bike shoes do you know of?". Someone else mentioned Lake shoes, here's some ones by Shimano:

Here's a pair by Specialized:
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