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Commuting in Dublin


It certainly is possible to commute by bike in Dublin (Ireland, right?). As you know it does rain here now and then but not as often as people who travel by car seem to think. I ride 22k (14miles) to work once or twice a week with no major problems, I have colleagues who ride further and more often. We have changing rooms and showers at work so we're well set up.

If you're prepared for the weather it is fine, the main problem is getting wet but as I said that does not happen as often as you might think. The only time I rode to work and regretted it was when we had black ice and I fell off twice! Really cold weather is rare though, almost as rare as really hot weather!

My advice: Get the best lights you can, you'll be riding a lot in the dark! Read Cyclecraft by John Franklin, he's British but a lot of what he says applies here. Be ready for the weather to change dramatically during the day.

Good luck
Willo in Dublin
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