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My '82 Romani (a pic of it in the "Show Your Resto" thread) was built with Zeta tubing and yes, it's steel. There's not much info around about it and some weeks ago I started a thread about it with 0 replies. What I've gathered after corresponding with the factory and people from the business is that it was a "cold drawn, high quality tubing", according to Columbus. It was carbon-manganese like Aelle -which came later- with plaing gauge, 1mm wall thickness (Aelle was 0.8). A frame builder described it as "sturdy, dependable and club-racing quality, but not high tech"
What I know for sure after all these years of use is that it's not the lightest tubing around but you can build a 23.5lb bike with it. Sturdy it is. In '85, I crashed the bike and bent the top and down tubes. These were straightened and the frame brought back to its natural geometry. I've been riding the bike ever since without a single issue.
BTW, it would be nice to have a pic of the tubing decal. I repainted my frame and used a generic Columbus one.

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