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The Benotto 850 used Columbus Zeta tubing from 1984-1986. Prior to that it used Ishiwata 019. I have no records of this model for 1987. Clayface's comments on the tubing composition, guage and type are correct.

The full name is the Benotto 850 Paris-Roubaix. Basically, it was marketed as club/entry level racing bicycle. The original price varied from $400-$450 US, depending on the year.

The 1984 model originally came with SunTour Vx derailleurs, SR crankset, Cherry brakes and Miche hubs laced to Ambrosio Elite rims. Interestingly, the frame was also available with optional, Tange #1 tubing for $50 extra!

The 1985 model used Campagnolo 980 derailleurs, Nervar crankset, Modolo Corsa brakes and the Ambrosio Elite rims.

The 1986 model used Campagnolo 980 derailleurs, SR crankset, Modolo Flash brakes and Miche hubs laced to Nisi tubular rims.

So, the model appears to have been in quite some flux, but the Super Record components you have are obviously replacements and well above the original components. Normally, Super record components would be found on a frame using Columbus SL or SLX tubing.
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