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Need Help Deciding

So here is the issue I am faced with. I typically ride a Schwinn World Sport, that I took down to the frame, sanded and repainted and rebuilt with mediocre parts, aluminum rims, standard stuff, nothing amazing. But it rides great and gets me everywhere I need to go. Frame is really the only Schwinn part now, is made of 4130 Chromo, double butted.

Now, yesterday I came upon an amazing deal on a Bianchi Sport. Made in the late 70's to early 80's I would guess. Likely an asian model of Bianchi's. No stickers indicating anything about the frame tubing or the bike. The downtube shifters are Dura Ace, but the derailleurs themselves just say Shimano. The Brakes look like 600 series, as best I can guess. This all being said, the bike is purple/pink, but otherwise great condition.

Do I stick with the Schwinn, and sell the Bianchi at a great profit, or sell the Schwinn and keep the Bianchi and repaint? I realize the Sport is not a top end, but neither is the World Sport. Thoughts?

Or, if you know something about the Bianchi that I do not, that could also help make my decision.

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