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I run a double/double (road crankset/2 cog FW)

Since you stole a wheel that almost certianly means it was a cassette wheel, so you can run any two cogs you want.

My option, keep ONE of your front chainwheels (either the 52 or 42/39) and match it with a rear cog you want to cruise on on your own. Then find the gear your like to pull you kiddo in. Once you find that, figure out the gear inches using Sheldon's calculator. Then try to find the right front chainring and rear cog that will match the tooth differences from your ride-alone gear.

Your preferred ride-alone gear is a 48/16
You want to get an easier gear for your pull-the-kiddo setup, so you can run a 47/17, 46/18, 45/19, 44/20

If you match the tooth differences, your chain can be the same length which means you may not need a tensioner, and it makes everything easier.

I run a 48/45 front 16/19 rear setup and it works PERFECTLY. Hope that makes sense. The 3 tooth difference is very noticable. Hopefully you have a 130 or 110 BCD crank so rings will be easier to find.
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