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Originally Posted by WR3K View Post
triguy, the world of world records does not mean it is for everyone. they are extreme atheletes, paid to wear thing small lightweight shoes that are hardly there, and bio mechanically have near perfect joints and muscles for track running.
A. I admitted that the top athletes aren't always completely applicable to "the rest of us"
B. a lot of the top people aren't that extreme they just train a lot and using the right equipment they can train in these increased amounts without injury so they train more consistently as well.
C. Most top runners/triathletes(a bunch of sub 10:00 IMers, 2 sub 2:20 marathoners) I know of train in standard running cushioned/stability trainers 10-14 ounce. Not "thin small lightweight shoes", besides Vibrams and Frees are "thin small lightweight shoes" which is what I'm completely against.
D. track running? I'm talking about triathlon, not track runners. Mechanically perfect? Ever seen Hillary Biscay?

having said that, we were born without shoes, and our feet are far too often not strengthened enough to be able to run without the restriction of that shoe.
Are you saying it's natural to run without shoes? I think thats what you're saying. Well, it's not natural for humans to race. It's not natural to run on cambered roads, paved roads and uneven sidewalks. Running shoes, the ones I know most runners use in training, are made to keep people injury free with larger amounts of running than just "health benefit" running on surfaces that are less than ideal.

buy the vibrams for training, your form will become perfected, your muscles will get stronger, you will feel more free, and you will run like your body was designed to run.
How much stock do you own in Vibram anyway?
As I said above, human bodies are not designed to race. Your claims are just soo ridiculous.
I said run more and run fast more often. You say run in Vibrams.
One sounds like a quick fix thats too good to be true to me. One sounds like a logical way to get better at running.

when competing though, and for long runs, it is true that the vibrams make you almost hold back to keep from over stressing the parts of your foot. thats when some padded shoes might be nice
I'll again affirm what I said previously:

Go to a running store
Find a shoe that fits and keeps you injury free because it fits you
Run more than you were last month
Run faster more often than you were last month
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