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Originally Posted by finchbeak View Post
I have talked to a couple of LBS mechanics about Slime and they both thought the stuff is worse than useless. But then I know they hate it partly because a punctured slimed tire spits green well, slime, all over the place.
if they think Slime is useless, they've never ridden out west...

I used to live in Albuquerque, the land where goatheads grow wild and you find a perplexingly high number of steak knives lying in the road, and I can tell you, riding there without slime is awful.

I would ride with Bontrager hardcases on one bike, Conti Gatorskins on the other, and Slime tubes in both (occasionally Nashbar sealent filled tubes). Most of the time, the goatheads wouldn't make it all the way through the tires (I found the gatorskins a bit better at this than the hardcases), but some would inevitably get through... That's where the Slime went to work. Most punctures would seal pretty much instantly, and you wouldn't even know you'd been punctured until you looked at the tube or inspected the tire (which I did daily, to remove any still embedded thorns), but occasionally, the puncture would be large enough, or high enough in number that the tire would flat on you. But then the secondary magic would kick in and seal the punctures as you inflated your tubes, allowing you to ride on.

On the downside, for large punctures, the seal would only hold up to about 65-75psi, but that's fine to limp home on, and if you ever had a cut or a blowout, there's green goo everywhere to deal with (you learn to ride with a shop towl or two crammed in the bag). Still, they're a ton better than having to patch a tube every 2-3 days, and a lot better than having to patch on the side of the road.
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