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Originally Posted by michael k View Post
I'll add one more.

Serial #-IF13798
Model - ????
Headbadge-Cross or North star?
Color - Red with white stickers "Centurion" "made in japan"
RD -Suntour seven
FD -Suntour spirt
Cranks -SR with red bolt covers
Wheels -Steel Araya,Hub style resembles my Old Rafael Geminiani
Seat post- 26.0
Weight - Heavy as a lead brick! :injured
Thank-you for posting. Unfortunately that is one of the several miscellaneous serial number formats for which I have little data. However, Based on the rear derailleur and badge it should be circa 1976-1979. It would appreciated if you could post a picture or two (drive side please) and the two letter dates codes on the bacj of the deraileurs. TIA.

Originally Posted by txvintage View Post
All of the ones I have seen that are Master's have been 88's...
Surely you wouldn't complain if a 1989 turned up? I think the marble is just as nice as the smoke.

Originally Posted by A. Winthrop View Post
...And while were getting sentimental, a huge thanks to T-Mar
for all the Centurion info he's posted here over the years...
You're welcome. It's been fun and satisfying to help so many forum memebers.

Since we're talking about the smoke paint scheme, here's another little tidbit I've uncovered for your Centurion page. The inspiration for the scheme was apparently Jeff Lindsay's small production Mountain Goat brand, which was offering a smoke paint job, as a $100 option, as early as 1987.
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