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Trek Atwood Or Belleville

So I'm Looking at the new Trek Eco line. I dont know witch one I want jsust yep, I'm kindof iffy,

First off this would not be my only bike for commuting, but actually more of a vacation commuter for some time. I want to buy it to stay at my girl friends till I move there(she likes 2000miles away) I don't want to have to travel on a plane with a bike even once really.

But Im looking at the Trek Atwood, and Trek Belleville. I like the Idea of the Eco thing. I also kind of want matching bikes, she needs a new bike so it would work,

I cant figure out witch one I like most,
-The Atwood is the same geometry as the FX line, I have ridden those, I like the ride, upright is kind of fun after riding in drops. It's steel, I like steel. not available till December

-The Belleville I dont really know what it will ride like, but it looks cool, and is fully equipped with lots of stuff I want. Fenders front and rear rack, generator light. 3speed, it rains where she is, also steel, more upright then the atwood, but i might like it, I actually plan to be getting a LHTsoon aswell, chooses, also it is already out for sale, and im visiting her next week, so i could get it when i go see her.

Is there any fear of getting a generator light stolen of a bike?
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