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The bike you bought is a repainted 1987 Ironman Expert, with 2x6 105 group. The FD is likely a swap, but the bars are OEM, Nitto stem, B115-420 bar. There was an '88 Expert in the same color and setup, but I believe it was 2x7, and by 1988, the rims were Araya.

Centurion measured the seat tube from the center of the bb to the opening of the top tube on the side, so you've probably got a 56cm, as they came in even sizes.

You can easily find a Shimano 105 (1050) FD with a 28.6 clamp size, probably under $20. It appears the bike is OEM from there on out.

You can upgrade to 7-sp with a freewheel change on the rear and 7-sp shifters, easily.

If you got it at a great price, you may want to consider a powder coat. Wisconsin is a good place to get a frame powder-coated, and you could probably get it blasted and painted for $75-$100. Aircraft stripper would take the paint and decals off if you decide to do it yourself.

I'd love to have that frame, even in the lavender and yellow, in an OEM 56cm.
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