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Originally Posted by barturtle View Post
Oh geez! You don't drink it from the can, just store it and ship it, much like a very very small keg (which is just a big ass can.) Drinking from bottles is just as bad as drinking from cans. Cans do a much better job of protecting the wonderful malty nectar than bottles do, as they completely block out light, which is the major cause of skunky beer.
The real problem with cans and beer in particular has nothing to do with the package itself. Both glass and metal are completely impervious to oxygen, the major cause of beer spoilage, and the amber glass used in beer bottles blocks 90 someodd percent of the damaging light.

Cans come out ahead in two regards, they don't shatter of you drop them, and they don't require an awesome bike accessory to open.

The one real disadvantage to cans though is cost. The equipment needed to package you product in an aluminium can is orders of magnitude more expensive than the bottling equipment. This has typically meant that only companies with more capital (Budweiser and the like) have been able to afford the canning operation, and more highly thought of microbreweries stick with bottles, cause they work just as well, but cost less. You can see how this dichotomy led to the perception that canned beers are somehow inferior to bottled beer, but it's simply correlation, not causation.

and anyway, drinking beer from either a bottle or a can is blasphemous, beer deserves it's own glass.
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