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Originally Posted by stevage View Post
for anyone thinking $3500 is not realistic for one of those bikes...
I'm also interested in this $3500 figure that the NY Times comes up with (in the context of an article practically written by JC Decaux), because the BBC article says that the bikes cost 400 Euro and Streets blog says the precise cost of replacing one Vélib bicycle remains unknown to the public.

And meanwhile, for the stolen bikes (which btw JC D manages to get a couple of not-so-subtle anti-immigrant digs in about), surely there are only three options: they're stolen after renting, in which case the cardholder should just get charged; they're stolen from the racks, then the rack/lock mechanism is inadequate; or they're stolen while a renter is actually riding them, which seems unlikely - that's a lot of robberies for a heavy, ugly, hard-to-fence bike when you might as well just steal a Vespa for the same trouble.

What am I missing here?

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