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Schwinn specifications

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Schwinn specifications

Does anyone have a link(s) to Schwinn specifications? I have a 1965 Heavy-Duti for which I am looking to replace the seat post, stem, and handlebars with something from Nitto which resembles the original. Thanks!
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Google search for 1965 Schwinn bikes should find you what you need. You may need to look down a bunch of posts to find what you need. Roger
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It appears that this bicycle had a "heavier duty" front hub with stronger/beefier spokes.
The seat was the toughest, heavy duty spring saddle.
It appears that even though, the "heavy duti" model did have chrome plated fenders, the 1965 and 1966 models, look to have paint over the chrome plated fenders.
1967 has naked, shiny chrome.

The old Schwinns have a 13/16" diameter SEAT POST with a 5/8" top part where the seat mounts.
WALD makes aftermarket replacement seat posts that have the 13/16" diameter with a larger 7/8" top part to accept "more modern" seats.
Some folks simply turn the existing schwinn seat post upside down and insert it that fit a "more modern" seat.
Others simply install a 5/8 seat clamp on to their new aftermarket "more modern" seat and then keep the original Schwinn seat post.
As I mentioned WALD makes the aftermarket replacement posts. They are inexpensive. Abaxo and others like, Wheel and Sprocket carry nearly all the WALD can get them in different lengths, not chromed, or chromed.............
I might be wrong but I think the WALD 940 is 10.5" long with the 7/8 top part but with the essential 13/16" post diameter.
The WALD 920 is a replacement aimed at stingray with 15" long post and the original 5/8 top part and the 13/16 post diameter.
The WALD 945 is a 15" long post that has a 7/8 top part and the 13/16 post diameter.
There are others too. You'll have to see what the part numbers are.
I know that Schwinn chrome plated the seat posts of the Schwinn CORVETTE in the late fifties and early sixties. Other Schwinns did not typically have chrome plated seat posts, though it depends on certain models and years of those models.....................a few did...........I don't know exactly. There are some folks that do know all of these specifics. You may wish to check out the specific Schwinn forum on C.A.B.E.

YOU WILL WANT TO OBTAIN AN OLD COPY OF "Glenn's Complete Bicycle Manual" (c) 1973 by Clarence W. Coles and Harold T. Glenn.........approx 350 pages 8 1/2" x 11'' SOFTBOUND ..........probably sold half a million copies in a about ten printings during the years 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976.....
the best book ever written for anyone with an old bicycle. Those giant booksellers on the bay have copies for as little as $3..............typically about $4 with free shipping...........probably ex-library books, etc...
glenn's complete bicycle manual

Here are Schwinn DEALER service manual reference binder book, vol 1 and vol 2 (1969 edition)
Vol 1:
Vol 2:

index for Vol 1:
SLDB 1969-70 Repair Manual
index for Vol 2:
SLDB 1969-70 Repair Manual

You undoubtedly are aware that Schwinn switched from a 22.2mm (0.875") stem to a (0.833") 21.15"mm stem. I seem to recall that this happened with the 1966 model year but I am not exactly certain as to the exact production date changeover....
You will want to measure exactly what you may have on your '65 Heavy Duti as perhaps it might be a '66 or later model instead of 1965....
You will see an angelfire web link that details a great deal.
Also see:
Vintage Bicycle Repair - Schwinn FAQ

21.15mm Schwinn Quill Stem?!
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