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cyclezealot 01-09-14 02:22 AM

Royals by Lorde
Beat is so so to dance to. The lyrics and beat is catchy. Like it or not. ? Video is sort of lame, but how many aren't. ?

Lorde - Royals (US Version)

the sci guy 01-09-14 09:18 AM

no. boring. i heard it was the #1 song of 2013. let's you know the state of music.

Simon Cowbell 01-09-14 12:48 PM

To me she's always sounded like a less inventive Jesca Hoop. Still, she's very young and hopefully has her best work ahead. Anyway, I like the single but wouldn't be interested in hearing it more than the three or four times I already have.

ooga-booga 01-10-14 07:41 PM

i actually like the ep's and album she's put out. catchy and slightly different with a nod to pop but not as overly formulaic
as britney, nicki minaj, et al...

and for all you "get off my lawn" grandmas and grandpas that think there isn't anything new worth listening to and that music died when the beatles or the sex pistols or led zep broke up, you're listening and looking in the wrong places.

no1mad 10-14-14 08:17 PM

Snagged it when Google Play was giving it away a month or so back. Agree that it is catchy, but also agree that it can get old fast if played in a loop.

Mr. Hairy Legs 10-18-14 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by no1mad (Post 17217519)
it can get old fast if played in a loop.

I "sorta" liked that song when it came out, but now I really can't stand it. Same with Team.

Buzzcut Season though, love that one and it's standing the test of time for me. Her best song by far.

I think Lorde has a bright future so long as she doesn't start shooting up, twerking naked, etc. There is definite genius there...

1nterceptor 10-18-14 07:32 PM

Dannihilator 10-19-14 11:35 PM

The Weird Al version is better.

rm -rf 10-20-14 05:26 AM

Kansas City "Royals"

fietsbob 10-21-14 11:10 AM

Heard it was taken Off all the SF bay area Radio station playlists. 1st world series game is Tonight.

Mr. Hairy Legs 11-15-14 02:53 AM

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