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mapleleafs-13 06-17-12 03:22 PM

The Official Bianchi Celeste thread
The color Celeste, probably one of the most famous colors in Cycling. When you see Celeste you think, Bianchi, it's been their flagship color for a long time now. Most people love it, some hate it, for those that do, you suck.

Post pictures of your Celeste rides.

I'll start with mine.

Bianchigirll 06-17-12 03:38 PM

Great looking Bianchi what is the tubing?

Otis 06-17-12 04:17 PM

BentLink 06-17-12 05:26 PM

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I'm digging the Campy Delta brakes! Here's mine.

EnzoRWD 06-17-12 05:45 PM

marley mission 06-17-12 06:08 PM

ima likin dis thread already - sadly...i have no bianchi to share...yet...

biaddiction 06-17-12 08:28 PM

I love Celeste! ! !
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Originally Posted by Otis (Post 14368841)

I love Celeste! ! !

texastwister 06-17-12 10:06 PM

i kick myself at least once a year for selling this 1982 Campy Equipped Nuova a few years ago !

3alarmer 06-17-12 11:20 PM

I suspect you're gonna get a lot of different colors passing as celeste.........
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callig 06-17-12 11:23 PM

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Always happy to show my celeste

VintageDude 06-18-12 08:05 AM

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My 1982 Bianchi Super Leggera. Write-up and more pics HERE.

not_me 06-18-12 08:20 AM

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It's not C&V, but this Bianchi (& Subaru) both belong to a buddy of mine.

mapleleafs-13 06-18-12 10:23 AM

Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 14368734)
Great looking Bianchi what is the tubing?

It is Columbus EL-OS

where's all your celeste's bianchi girl?!?!

jr59 06-18-12 11:26 AM

I have this inbound;

With this to go on it;

jr59 06-18-12 11:30 AM

Originally Posted by mapleleafs-13 (Post 14371836)

where's all your celeste's bianchi girl?!?!

Yea, Very good question!!!!

Come on and post up!

horatio 06-18-12 11:52 AM

I'm in.

randyjawa 06-18-12 12:04 PM

My found in a back alley Bianchi Rekord 848 in "as found" condition...

My mid seventies Bianchi Sprint in cleaned up but otherwise untouched condition...

And, though not a Bianchi, the color of my Torpado Super Racing is listed as celeste...

3speedslow 06-18-12 12:21 PM

1 Attachment(s) not a Bianchi, often heard comment in passing " I thought that was a Bianchi. " Color listed as winter mint in the catologue. Hey, the wheels are Italian ! Ambrosios roll nice.
Seriously, waiting for the Bianchi blessing to come my way. Be more then happy to post again.

BlueDevil63 06-18-12 07:11 PM

My '54 Campione del Mondo. The most beautiful bike I currently own and have built up I think, maybe. It is an older restoration and not a rider, at least not yet, as can be seen from the tires. It is pretty much completely original except for the paint and decals. Not sure I really like the blue bar tape yet. I'll probably do a full photo set on this sometime soon, after a little servicing and cleanup.

My soon to be '83 Specialissima. In 83 the Specialissima was the frame only version of the Super Leggera. I have all the pantographed parts for a full Super Leggera like build.

noglider 06-18-12 07:15 PM

I don't like the color itself, but I like the way it makes a statement. I like the way Bianchi takes a bad color and makes it beautiful.

These old Bianchis are the best, thought the new ones are terrific, too. My vote for #1 is Sante's, and blue devil gets my vote for #2.

BlueDevil63 06-18-12 07:19 PM

Sante's is indeed spectacular.

thirdgenbird 06-18-12 07:24 PM

not quite vintage
not quite classic
not quite road
not quite pretty

mapleleafs-13 06-21-12 09:36 PM

There's gotta be wayyy more celeste bikes,

Bianchigirl where's yours!!!!?!

trueno92 06-22-12 08:39 AM

Gonna take some pics of my bike this weekend.

First post is pretty stunning!! mapleleafs, you ride the donut on that yet??

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