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I was bee-headed

Old 09-18-06, 01:19 PM
Jay H
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While on a bike tour near Lincoln, ME, I was going downhill and simply soft-pedalling... up comes Mr. Bee who decides to hit me smack dab in my upper lip. Mouth was sligthly ajar so naturally I go to close it lest I eat mr. bee for lunch.

Naturally, bee stings upper lip at which I feel like Fat Albert while my lip explodes in pain and swelling. Ouch... Lip was numb all the way to Danforth, ME...sheesh.. but fortunately, I'm not allergic so nothing other than discomfort and swelling.

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Old 09-18-06, 02:14 PM
wild animals
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yes, alert shirts! i have an orange vest and orange alert shirts, and when i go out after 4 or so pm, i get COVERED in gnats, and on top of that, a bee attacked me yesterday! it didn't sting me, but it flew around my head and arms and shoulders, trying to land on me (i was stopped on the road, luckily), and i danced crazily trying to keep it off. i'm not afraid of bees, generally, but i was all sweaty and orange and i didn't want it getting any ideas about settling in. i flapped my arms at it, and it went around to the back side of my head, and suddenly i couldn't hear the buzzing anymore, so i KNEW it had landed on me i had to take off my helmet (okay, i threw the helmet) and vest and glasses and all that, and had to pat myself down for 10 minutes to make sure there was no bee there. it sucked, because i knew at any moment i was going to smoosh the bee and it'd sting me. but, luckily, it didn't sting me i dont know where it went. it was pretty awesome though because a bunch of cars passed me while i was dancing and stripping on the side of the road. haha

i always get gnats in my mouth. it sounds like i need to keep my mouth shut! i don't want any bees in there.
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Old 09-18-06, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by unkchunk
Cheer up people. In some cultures bee stings are signs of good fortune.
That's a good one.

I've been stung by a bee on the head (helmet trap), stomach (down the jersey), inside thigh (caught between leg and saddle), roof of my mouth (going downhill 50+mph, that was scary), and outside thigh (?).

We had a "fun" downhill when I lived in Santa Barbara which was an insane rock garden down the backside of Gaviota Peak. About halfway down was a hornet's nest right in the middle of the trail in the ground. The strategy was always to be the first one or two through - which meant being first to the top or making sure you were ready to bail when someone made their move to start back down. Anyone unfortunate enough to be following the leaders would get multiple stings, sort of a extra pain penalty.
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Old 09-18-06, 02:29 PM
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I posted over in Road Cycling a month or two ago about a bee diving into my jersey and stinging me on the side, all while I was zipping downhill at high speed. Scary!
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