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Battery Upgrading

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Battery Upgrading

Upgrading batteries for ebikes

a possibly complicated question, so I'm going to separate it...

My objective on my ebike project isn't power or speed, but distance, without overpowering the motor or having to purchase one or two EXTRA batteries.
I want to get a 350w hub kit, but the "recomended" batteries are only just enough to run it and then for not very long distances, so......

#1 : can I hookup a 36v 20ah battery to a 10a battery controller ???

#2 : will it damage the controller

I ask these questions because NOWHERE on the internet can I find any answers, yay or nay, I wonder because most other battery operated dc electrical devices can run off of a battery that has more ah than it needs as long as it is the proper voltage.

I'm asking for first-hand knowledge answers please, not assumptions or speculations, because I am NOT a well funded person and I can't go replacing the battery, controller or motor every year because somebody talked big and convincing, but didn't actually know first-hand or has had direct contact with another person who attempted the same thing. this information should also be of great benefit to lots of other ebike riders or those who want to ride.

Thank You for any help
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It seems you are confusing amp-hours (ah), which is a measure of capacity (how much juice is in the tank) with amps (current flow) provided to/thru the controller/motor. As long as the controller/motor can handle 36 volts and the battery pack can deliver the amps (10?) required, the pack can be as big as you want (10ah, 20ah, 30ah, etc.) The higher the capacity the further you can go between charges.
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If you couldn't find that answer on the internet, you must not have looked/asked on endless-sphere.com. I agree with other poster, any amp/hr size is okay as long as you keep the voltage the same, although it will be physically larger too as a 20amp/hr battery has 2x as many cells and so is 2x the size/weight which may unbalance the bike depending on location.
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