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Clipless pedals

Old 05-22-18, 04:17 PM
Paul Braithwait
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I have tried various clip-in pedals over the years and have finally gone back to flat pedals with half size toe clips. I don't race and am a pure leisure rider and just do not like the feel of being clipped to the bike. I never had any problems with clipping in or out but, despite using them for a long time, I decided they were not for me. The toe clips I have cover the front of my shoes and they do not have straps. They are there simply to keep my foot on the pedal without it slipping off. I can get my feet in and out of them without effort and the pedals and toe clips are a lot lighter than any of the clip-in ones I have tried.
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Old 05-27-18, 06:55 PM
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I think I'm the "odd man out" in this case. I doubt I could EVER get used to clipless pedals. I have seen all the brands and makes and models and whatnot. I am happy with toe clips on my C&V 1985 Fuji road bike. Clipless pedals on a vintage road bike would look a little strange, if you ask me

Maybe one day... One day... If/When I finally decide to upgrade and get a real nice modern road bike, I will take another look at a basic, beginner, "newbie", type of pedal. Something where I am not going to freak out, crash, and end up in the hospital with a broken shoulder because I couldn't unclip in time. My gut instinct in 0.03 seconds flat is to yank my foot backwards out of the toe strap. It's all I know and have known....
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Old 05-28-18, 11:23 AM
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When I got back on the bike at age 58 I went to Speedplay Zero road pedals. Have used them ever since. If I were to do it over again I might consider Speedplay Frogs but only because Mtn. Bike shoes are more convenient. I have them on my Cyclo-Cross bike and love them.

There are three cycling related brands I swear by. One is Speedplay. The other two are Assos and Park Tool. FWIW.

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Old 05-30-18, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by bruce19 View Post
When I got back on the bike at age 58 I went to Speedplay Zero road pedals. Have used them ever since. If I were to do it over again I might consider Speedplay Frogs but only because Mtn. Bike shoes are more convenient. I have them on my Cyclo-Cross bike and love them.

There are three cycling related brands I swear by. One is Speedplay. The other two are Assos and Park Tool. FWIW.
I second the speedplays. To me, being clipped in is a matter of safety--my foot will never slip off the pedal at the wrong time. The only accidents I've had caused by cleats were plopping over when I was first learning how to use them. Having now used cleats, I could never go back to flat pedals or clips. Feels too insecure to me.
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Old 05-30-18, 02:28 PM
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want mine? Time AtAc.
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Old 06-05-18, 12:53 PM
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My right foot turns out a bit when I walk, and with clips, unless I really tightened the strap, my heel would ht the center of the crank. With clipless, I was able to attach the cleat so my foot is straight when I ride. Easier on the shoes.
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Old 06-05-18, 01:37 PM
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I rented one of those Nice Ride bike shares when I was in Minneapolis last week. I really missed being able to clip in as well as to be able to pull up on the pedals. Fortunately I only had to ride about 2 miles each way so managed to not do anything stupid in spite of the numerous stops for traffic lights. I was in the downtown area.
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Old 06-06-18, 01:11 PM
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When I went from rat traps to clipless, it was a seamless transition. Since a young youth, fell a few times with the rat traps, but have yet to do so with clipless. Started out with Look Keo, but quickly switched to SPD-SL on the road bikes and SPD on the MTB and fat bike. I run at the lowest tension, but with zero float cleats, that works well for me. Tried the float at first because that is what comes with pedals, but it was very uncomfortable and unsettling. Since I was used to rat traps, which have zero float, going to the red SPD-SL cleats was a no-brainer. (Got a box of the yellow SPD-SL cleats that I need to put up on eBay, whenever I get around to it.)
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One can make the switch to clip-less at any age. A casual rider will not benefit so much, but, if you put in more than just a few miles, especially over varied terrain, clip-less pedals can be very beneficial. Until exiting the pedal becomes reflexive, there is a chance of falling. Beginners, enjoying a ride, come to a stop, not thinking about the pedals, try to lift their foot from the pedal, and slowly topple over. I recommend to anyone making the switch, to find a safe place, ride a short distance, stop & place foot on ground, & repeat ... like a thousand times. After awhile, it becomes a reflex to twist the foot out, and you'll never think about it again. Clip-less won't instantly make a big difference in your riding. You'll need to work on technique to reap the benefits of clip-less.
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Old 06-23-18, 09:07 AM
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I started using clipless at age 58. I takes maybe ten minutes to half an hour to get used to them and I don't see age affecting the learning time much.
Used them for a few years, mostly without incident, and then last year I went to platforms. Some mid range Nasbar pedals last year and now this year I am using Pedaling Innovations Catalyst pedals. The owner of PI makes a strong (if over the top) case for platforms and his pedals specifically. I was intrigued, looked at the studies he quotes, and decided to give platforms a try. I don't feel like I have lost anything except the risk of clipless falls and the the last few percent of ultimate performance riding. The last is not an issue for me, it may be for you. The shoes are more comfortable and they stay that way all day plus they are great for walking around off the bike. If I start to get a hot spot on my feet from pedaling too long in the same position on a long ride I just shift positions for a while. You can push forward at the top and pull back at the bottom of your pedal stroke on each foot so if there is any loss in power and efficiency for normal riding I cannot detect it. If I were a racer, formal or informal, I would want clipless for sure. But for riding across country, during RAGBRAI week for example, I am perfectly happy with platforms. If you enjoy what you have there is no need to change but if you feel the urge to switch from one to the other there is no reason to avoid switching either. You might even find that you like to use both, one for some kinds of riding and the other for other kinds.
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Old 06-24-18, 07:18 PM
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I just started this year at 59. I have flat on one side and clip less on the other, so I have the choice. When I’m in town, I tend to use the flat side so I’m not clipping in and out. I really wasn’t sure if I’d like to be clipped in, but I do prefer to be clipped in, but not if I’m going through a bunch of intersections. When I have a few miles with no stops ahead of me, I’m clipped in.
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