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ratdog 05-20-13 06:44 PM

Anyone in Florida up for a Moulton project bike?

smallwheeler 05-21-13 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by ratdog (Post 15647528)
Anyone in Florida up for a Moulton project bike?

thanks, ratdog.

ratdog 05-21-13 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by smallwheeler (Post 15650208)
thanks, ratdog.

I thought you were in NYC, are you intending to buy this one?

special_k 05-30-13 05:16 PM

A rare find on CL: Flamingo folding bike!!!

vmaniqui 05-31-13 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by special_k (Post 15686040)
A rare find on CL: Flamingo folding bike!!!

and it's gone. i was a day late.

social suicide 06-02-13 07:41 AM

$75 Strida?

ukoro 06-16-13 02:02 PM

Dahon / Tern Traveller Rear Rack:

wangta01 08-09-13 12:54 PM

2004 SpeedPro in MA

cuzzinit 09-02-13 03:44 PM
found this today while looking for stuff i don't have the money for

DVC45 09-27-13 11:07 AM

$45 Bickerton
Bickerton porltable bike in good shape. Thanks

HGR3inOK 10-04-13 10:37 PM

Bickerton in Oklahoma City

Norman, Oklahoma USA

richardsonad 10-13-13 04:44 PM

Pair of like-new Bromptons for $1600

social suicide 11-17-13 05:27 PM

Non folding twenty in Detroit area

Poguemahone 12-28-13 06:59 AM

2 Attachment(s)

Montague folding tandem, 700$:


Ever seen one of these under $1200? This one is, because I'm moving soon and it has to go. It's the classic Montague three-point folding tandem bike: in a matter of minutes, your two-person tandem folds into something that could fit in a suitcase. The picture is of the bike folded up. It's hardly been ridden and is in excellent condition.

social suicide 01-08-14 08:59 PM


social suicide 01-08-14 09:12 PM

Raleigh Twenties!

cuzzinit 04-01-14 01:12 PM

todays CL find....

wagonfanatic 04-18-14 10:01 AM

Will this BF rack fit a NWT?

Bike Friday Folding Rear Rack | eBay

john4789 04-23-14 07:09 PM

Hello Folding Bikes Sub! This is my first post in this sub, I usually lurk in Commuting and SSFG.

Not a 'best of' find, just a thought:
Single Speed Folding Bike - One size fits most

My wife and I are avid commuters and occasional recreational riders. We are looking at adding a used folder to our stable for those off-hand times when a one-way trip or compound transit-cycle trip is required. For instance, my wife often has to drive for work out of town and we meet up after in the city for a dinner or show. I would love a folder to ride to work and throw in the trunk. Other times, one or the other of us must rent a car for out of town work. The rental car place we use is only 1.5mi away from our house and can be a pain via public transit. Perfect for a quick folder trip. Other times, I might be headed to a professional event where it makes sense to use public transit for most of the trip but cycle to and from the train. In any case, lots of times we could use a folder! I expect that between the wife and I we would put about 200 to 300 miles per year on the folder and thus don't need much.

I will be headed to Madison for work in the coming days and have searched their CL for used folders. I have found the one above listed at $160. A brand new model is listed at $300 so this seems a little high given the condition. I did some research on the weight limit and it is OK. SS is no problem. I can do a bit of work on a bike myself.

All things considered, any input from this sub forum would be appreciated, including offering price.


fork 05-16-14 04:11 PM

I was reading your blub and am shopping for a bike. I was wondering why you don't recommend the Montague CX?


Originally Posted by geo8rge (Post 4031950)
70's Atala folding bike frame - $30
seems to have a Banana seat - Italian tread BB?????

Lalato 06-28-14 02:29 PM

An interesting folding scooter/bike thing...

KENT folding scooter bike

bananatron 07-07-14 04:55 PM

Not sure what kind of bike this is - seems to fold kind like a brompton?

Folding Bike 3 speed Folded foldable Dahon Brompton

smallwheeler 07-07-14 06:24 PM

that's a breezer i3

Mervic 07-07-14 09:31 PM

Is the Breezer i3 any good?

kevinjg 07-20-14 01:58 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Apologies to all that did not see this on Anchorage Craigslist for $450 . My brother was close and snapped this up for me:

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