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Portis 01-09-06 01:32 PM

How Much Was Your Gas Bill?
Holy Crap! Finally got my natural gas bill from November 28th - Dec. 28th. I have been "anxiously" waiting to see the grand total. Guess it could have been worse but, still pizzes me off. :mad: :mad:

$138 Natural Gas

pedex 01-09-06 01:39 PM

$23, 3 ccf of natural gas

get used to it, next year with the same weather your bill should be around $190

Namenda 01-09-06 01:47 PM

We've got the fuel budget plan thing going on. I believe our natural gas bill can go no higher than $175/month in the winter. Hasn't reached that point yet, since its been relatively mild.

sunninho 01-09-06 01:53 PM

We don't use gas heating in my condo. We have to rely solely on electricity since we have radiant heating in the ceiling :(

Map tester 01-09-06 01:58 PM

I locked my per therm price back in June and also have budget billing, so my year-round natural gas bill is $67. Much easier to budget that amount that a bill that change big-time because of the weather.

Ebbtide 01-09-06 07:31 PM

435.00 in Dec. :o

caligurl 01-10-06 02:33 PM

i think the last one was $48.00.... and when i need to have the heat on.... i set it at 78 degrees!

lotek 01-10-06 02:48 PM

went from $65. to $140 in one billing cycle.
Gas heat and Gas hot water.
Thankfully mild winter so far

caligurl 01-10-06 03:27 PM

my parents told me theirs doubled last month... over last year!!!! $328 last month for gas and electric! and they keep the heat turned low! (too freakin low for me! i'd freaking FREEZE!!!!!!) plus.. the comparison showed they used less therms or whatever this year! ACK!

Brillig 01-10-06 03:33 PM

It was about $450. I'm still recovering from the shock.

megaman 01-10-06 11:23 PM

This last month's bill for natural gas was a record for us. Have gas furnace and hot water. $138! The temp averaged 5 degrees colder than last year. But 64 is as high as we turn it. But that's as high as we've ever had it. At night the thermostat gets turned down to 54.

pedex 01-11-06 02:59 AM

Unless demand eases up for some unknown reason, get used to it, expect another 40-60% increase next year as will likley put some folks out of their homes, or make em cold at the very least. We were all warned quite awhile ago, those that didnt listen and plan, better start thinking about it before it becomes a serious problem. In 2-3 years unless something changes the situation, most folks will pay more for energy than they do in mortgage payments, counting their cars many are already. Part of this is Katrina, part of it is just growth coupled with bad planning and policies set in motion almost 20 years ago. The latest "energy" bill from CONgress is guaranteed to make this alot worse. Utilities have been deregulated almost completely, and they are being snatched up by investors who dont care if you freeze, they will get paid one way or the other. Natural gas supplies not only here in the US but worldwide are getting tighter than even gasoline.

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