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RubenX 03-02-09 11:35 PM

My new thermometer
I had one of those before, a cheapo one from x-mart with a sensor to tell me the outside temperature. But it was unreliable and lost connectivity all the time so it ended up in the trash. Since, I was reluctant to spend money on a new one, fearing it will not work as advertised.

But then I found this cute one, with the weather channel logo on it so I gave it a try. I love this thing. Not only gives me the inside and outside temps but also the relative humidity. And it has this cute cartoon that dresses accordingly. On a not day the little guy has a t-shirt and short pants. As it gets colder the guy puts on long sleeve shirt, long pants, scarf, coat, hat, gloves... and when it gets really cold, a penguin appears along with the guy.

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