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phantomcow2 01-04-10 10:18 PM

Brake drag -- normal?
I just replaced my first set of brakes, and changed pads for the first time. I haven't driven the car or anything, but I made an observation: After I apply the brakes, with the pedal completely released, the pads appear to be dragging against the rotor. It's not a serious amount of drag; I'm able to rotate the wheel pretty easily by hand, but it's noticeable compared to not having pads installed at all.

Is this normal? Should there be any drag present?

mickey85 01-04-10 10:23 PM

All rotors have drag, but chances are you didn't back the rotor out enough. Give it 100 miles and then check it again. It'll realign itself. If it's easy to spin, there won't be any damage done to the car by driving it with a little bit of drag.

DannoXYZ 01-05-10 03:00 AM

The actual amount of brake-disc drag is minimal. Less than bearing-drag even. For a car weighing several thousand pounds, it's insignificant. Just that to the human hand, it feels like a lot.

mikeybikes 01-05-10 08:50 AM

You actually want the pads to drag just an ever small minute amount. You're probably fine.

You greased the caliper slides right?

phantomcow2 01-05-10 12:48 PM

Yes I greased the caliper slide. I kind of figured the drag would be insignificant to the engine, but wanted to be sure the extra heat wouldn't be significant also. I drove the car around the neighborhood, not exceeding 30mph, and it felt fine. Stopping power was normal and there was no shuddering. I guess I'll try and break them in (no pun intended).

Anyways, the job is complete. If on the news you see a 93 accord whose brakes, wheel bearings, or ball joints have exploded, that's me!

DannoXYZ 01-05-10 01:04 PM

Good job! It's always so satisfying to complete a project.

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