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Older guy question

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Older guy question

Old 12-19-20, 08:04 AM
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About 5 years ago when I went to my doctor for my annual physical I was told I needed to lose weight because my body mass index was approaching obese, my cholesterol was too high (over 200) and my blood pressure was too high. I was already in my mid-50's and I thought about it and decided it was the right time to implement lifestyle changes that would improve my health and prepare me for aging. At the time I was fairly active as far as cycling, swimming, skiing and ice skating depending on the season but even with the exercise I was getting it was not enough to keep me in good shape or to keep my weight in check. One of the things I heard people say is losing weight is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. I created a program for myself based on the parameters that it had to be economical, easy to implement and easy to stay on in the long run. I looked at what the medical community was saying about diet and exercise and came up with rules that I live by today.

Food should be thought of as medicine or a drug. You would not put bad drugs or medicine in your body and you should not expect your body to be healthy if you put bad food in it. You should think about everything you eat and decide what is good for your body and what is not. Then start eating a healthy diet based on lots of fruit, vegetables and lean dairy and meat products. I find three things matter most about eating concerning food QUALITY, QUANTITY and VELOCITY. QUALITY - eat only high quality foods and limit highly processed foods and foods high in sugar and fat. That is not to say you cannot have a treat once in a while but if you like sweets try to chose a more healthy choice. For example I think an oatmeal raisin cookie, or Fig Newton may be a little more healthy than a chocolate chip cookie. Be careful when food shopping and only bring good food into your house. QUANTITY - eat a proper amount, put a proper serving size on your plate and then do not have any second servings. In the past I always ate too much and I would often have seconds for things I really liked. I had to modify this behavior and I got used to being satisfied with smaller portions. Finally, VELOCITY, that is I tend to eat too fast so I had to learn how to slow down. They say it takes 20 minutes after eating for your body to feel full. By eating more slowly my body learned that I was full enough after eating a proper sized serving. By following these three notions concerning food QUALITY, QUANTITY and VELOCITY I was able to lose weight and my cholesterol and blood pressure improved to where the following year all of my vital signs were better than good and I lost about 10 to 15 pounds the first year. After 5 years I lost 50 pounds. I am down from a high of about 225 to 175 pounds.

I also changed my attitude about exercise. I wanted a program that I could do at home rather than having to go to a gym. I realized that I should treat exercise like brushing my teeth, that is do it every day. If you don't take care of your teeth you will have dental problems. I you don't take care of your body you will have cardiovascular or other problems and as you age you will lose muscle mass and bone density. This led me to create a program that I do every morning at home for 20 to 35 minutes. Every day I do a routine that includes strength, stretching, balance, yoga and pilates-like exercises. Five days a week it takes about 20 minutes and two days a week I include an extra 15 minutes of weight training with light weights (10 to 25 pound dumbells).

All of this takes serious will power because you must practice proper eating and exercise habits on a daily basis. You have to ask yourself how bad you want to be in good shape. For me I wanted to keep healthy as I age so I can continue to ride my bikes and do the other activities I enjoy.
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Old 12-19-20, 02:00 PM
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I was 40-50 pounds overweight due to a fubar’d back, resolved by surgery. Doc said bicycling was an ok activity so I bought a recreational bicycle to ride around the neighborhood building up to half an hour every evening. Sold it and got an endurance bike,, upping my miles ridden in said half hour.

Bought a Peloton and started riding it and/or my road bike hard for 30 minutes. Got up to an hour on the road bike at ever greater pace.

Joined a bicycle club and ride Paceline. Bought a better bike. Pulled little to start, but my fair share now on 30-50 mile rides for around 150 miles a week.

Extra 40-50 pounds long gone. Been nearly 5 years since the operation. I’m 67.

My advice? Ride. Set modest progressive goals. I rarely ride my Peloton anymore, unless the group ride gets cancelled. However, I think it’s a great way to improve fitness in a fairly enjoyable manner.

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Old 12-19-20, 06:15 PM
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Most importantly of all enjoy yourself and be safe.Good luck.
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Old 12-19-20, 07:51 PM
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I'm 68, always been active, 6ft and 165 pounds. Eight years ago I gave up soft drinks and lost 10 pounds. Gave up doughnuts and cookies, lost another 10 pounds. Started riding double the weekly miles, drinking wine, and got in fantastic shape. Now it's sleep as late as desired, eat a leisurely breakfast, go riding for four hours and get into the hot tub, open the wine, fix supper when we feel like getting out, rinse and repeat. Riding more miles leads to riding more miles. You're either on the bus or not on the bus. Get on the bus. You'll figure it out. Eddy Mercks said, "Ride lots." It's not complicated.
Edit: I'd rather ride 100 miles on the road than 30 minutes on a stationary bike. You may feel differently. My desire to ride each day decreases each day I don't ride. Daily rides are 42 to 48 miles, but we often ride to the middle to upper 50s, occasionally to the upper 30s, depending. Average speed is mid 13s to mid 14s. Think in terms of daily training rides to prepare for destination rides requiring 50+ miles back to back. You can do it. See the country from a bicycle. I'll bet you like it.

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Old 12-25-20, 11:00 PM
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I'm 77 and I ride for the pleasure of the experience and the enjoyment of the beautiful machines. My advice is to not use the bicycle as a path to anything. If you want to lose weight there are far better methods.. If the bike becomes a task it will cease to something anticipated and a source of well being.
works for me
JMO of course YMMV
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