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Piriformis Syndrome

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Piriformis Syndrome

Old 12-31-14, 05:46 PM
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Piriformis Syndrome

Perhaps I over worked the glutes or lower back is weak. But now sciatic pain when I sit and even when I stand I get that shooting numbness on right leg down to the foot.

I thought about getting an office chair like this:Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair, Black - Walmart.com

Has anyone had any experience with this?
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Old 12-31-14, 09:40 PM
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I had a problem like this, and doing hamstring stretches is actually what initially made it much much better. I'm not sure if it's the exact same problem though - my problem was that after exercise my entire leg would go numb for several days.

More long term the other things that helped are:

1. Full Body Stretch by Karen Voight:
Amazon.com: Full Body Stretch: Karen Voight: Movies & TV

2. I started doing one of those exercise videos. When I do the exercises, I...well there's no nicer way to put it that makes the point - I try to remember to "lead with my dick". Lol...but seriously at first I felt really weird doing it, and psychically it was awkward and my body felt really awkward doing it, but I tried looking in the mirror and I just looked...normal. After a week the muscles I was used to not using had strengthened and it become fairly normal (and I looked more normal walking around to).

It really seemed to build up the supporting muscles so that the nerves and such weren't being pinched any more.

P.S. Also this routine helped a lot with general hip pain, but I don't know if it would make a difference with your problem:
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Old 12-31-14, 09:46 PM
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How To Beat Piriformis Syndrome - Competitor.com
More info from the running community. I run lots (and lots more in the winter) so I'm with you on butt pain.
Foam rollers are nice too, if you've not already got one.
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Old 12-31-14, 11:36 PM
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I had back pain/sciatica for many years, including an operation to sort a prolapsed disc. Hence I now know a lot about this stuff - although only for my specific instance, but maybe it will transfer.

In my case it all came down to the piriformis, long story short every night I do low impact stretches my glutes, hams, quads and calves. In the middle of these stretches I mash my piriformis with a hard hockey ball by rolling around with it under my butt on the floor, you can actually feel the ball rolling over the spasmed pf muscle - find the bit that hurts and mash it into submission. There are a few other ones in there that get tight as well, but the one that counts is the pf. I then specifically stretch the pf by pulling my knee into my chest while lying on my back. Both sides.

If I do this then I basically have zero back issues, although it will start to hurt with lots of lifting.

As an immediate fix you can stretch the pf by sitting on a hard chair, putting an ankle up on your knee and pushing down on the lifted knee. Move your head down towards the knee as well, you will feel it. If my back starts to hurt I do this and it goes away.

This is probably incoherent cos I am fairly jet lagged right now, but whatevs. Do it.
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Old 01-02-15, 11:37 AM
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As a certified old guy, I have various issues to deal with. First line of defense is stretching followed by rolling out tight muscles with a Fit Stick. I also see a chiropractor once a month. I should emphasize that the stretching is a daily and very necessary part of my wellness regimen.
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Old 01-02-15, 04:01 PM
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In my practice (acupuncturist), I see a lot of low back issues... Other than the advice above, tight glutes, and calves, I have a few tricks in my bag, one big one is usually a tight psoas, there are many ways to release, a quick google search is your best bet. The second is some trigger points in the sacrum area, or your tailbone, these can be got to with a lacrosse ball. Or find a sports medicine focused acupuncturist in your area, and get to work. There could be many hidden causes, but the above should help in most cases.
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Old 01-09-15, 08:12 PM
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Having similar problem myself. Chiro, yoga/stretching and accupuncture all help. My acupuncturist gave me a lacrosse ball to sit/lean against to work out knots. Good luck with it, it's pretty painful.
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Old 01-12-15, 12:50 PM
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yep, the ball in the glute is a ripper. It kills when you hit the right spot. Maybe start with a tennis ball, or maybe something a little softer and/or larger, then progress to harder balls. Roll it around until you find the tender spot, and you will really know when you hit it. Don't go too hard the first time, because you could get a big bruise, like I did.

Like this:

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Old 01-13-15, 11:59 AM
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IME, stretching may or may not help. the nerve on some people runs through the muscle, if so a tight muscle can pinch it. stretching may help. on others the nerve runs close to it and can be affected by proximity to an inflamed muscle. stretching will most likely aggravate the situation.
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