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Machka 02-05-09 01:31 AM

Your Most Recent Cycling-related Purchase
What was your most recent cycling-related purchase?

Mine, today (Wednsday) ... a gift for my husband. :)

Planet Bike Super Flash Rear Light

And on Monday I got one for me, as well as two tires, and handlebar tape ... getting ready for the season.

Cdy291 02-05-09 01:39 AM

And a racing licenses.

Crast 02-05-09 01:44 AM

I bought myself some ultegra brifters from nashbar and ultegra brakeset from PBK over the holidays, because both were on a very good sale. I've been a good boy and haven't bought any other shwag since.

Now the question is, when to install them.... my current shifting/braking works, don't feel like rewrapping my bars. meh.

cwathne 02-05-09 01:44 AM
and i love them

mustang1 02-05-09 01:55 AM

Couple pairs of black altura cycling shorts

coasting 02-05-09 02:00 AM

new brakes

umd 02-05-09 02:14 AM

Race entry for this weekend

KiddSisko 02-05-09 02:36 AM

A set of tires. Black.

kleng 02-05-09 02:58 AM

deanp 02-05-09 03:01 AM

A pair of bib tights.

spinerguy 02-05-09 03:07 AM

Deep v's for my singlecross, 16t cog, 48t sugino chainring and three gel packets for this coming weekend ride.

Pendergast 02-05-09 03:57 AM

Couple of cycling DVDs. This one and this one

Should be arriving tomorrow or the next day. I already have the Mt. Desert Island DVD from them. The pace on these DVDs is a bit slow, but this type of video has been more successful at making me feel like I'm outside riding than any of my other training DVDs.

Quijibo187 02-05-09 03:57 AM

hmmm.... I guess it's been a while since I can't remember. must have been a cap or some tools.

gabdy 02-05-09 04:06 AM

This in approx Oct 08

kleng 02-05-09 04:22 AM

Originally Posted by gabdy (Post 8308782)

Great bike congrats

Dago 02-05-09 04:34 AM

I ordered an XLab Speed Chuck (CO2 inflator), Helly Hansen baselayer and a spandex balaclava.

jesspal 02-05-09 04:46 AM

shorts from hammer nutrition

cyclezealot 02-05-09 04:50 AM

Under Armour winter base layer.. On 30 degree mornings , it's kept me going...

14max 02-05-09 04:56 AM

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Originally Posted by Machka (Post 8308626)
What was your most recent cycling-related purchase?

On Tuesday, I built up a nice new 49cm LeMond Etape for my wife. The attached pic shows how the bike was setup in the auction. Stem is now flipped, reflectors off, and we're changing things with the pedals.

At the end of February, my new Strong frame will be in my hands and ready to build.

Yangster 02-05-09 05:12 AM

Centaur 09, Rudy Project Perception, Custom Wheels(Soon)

htfiles 02-05-09 05:24 AM

SIDI Genius 5-Pro
2 x Deda Dog Fangs
2 x Look Keo Grip 4.5 float
bag of ten cable end things to crimp on
cheapo cycling sunglasses (it's not winter here!!!)

All from PBK, took just a few days to get to Oz.

cb400bill 02-05-09 06:20 AM

A set of GP4000S

Rowan 02-05-09 06:28 AM

Pair of Velocity Aerohead 700C 32H rims in bright silver. Snazzy!

Bob Ross 02-05-09 07:18 AM

Originally Posted by cb400bill (Post 8308953)
A set of GP4000S

Just one?!?! Man, 30 seconds after I got that email alert from probikekit that GP4000S' were in stock I bought four sets. I am set with tire sets!

My second most recent cycling-related purchase was a set of custom wheels built by Joe Young (DT Swiss 240s hubs, RR1.1 rims, & SuperComp spokes) and a SRAM OG1070 11-26 cassette for them.

What with it being the holiday season, my most recent cycling-related aquisition (i.e., non-purchased, aka Gift) was a bike fit from Signature Cycles (so it included new Ritchey bars & stem) and an Assos Airjack 851 jacket.

waterrockets 02-05-09 07:41 AM

$25 race entry. Won $76.

DieselDan 02-05-09 07:50 AM

A NOS Cignal Melbourne Express, which is a comfort tandem bike. The resort I work for bought 7 on a clearance from Joannou Cycles for rentals, which are being converted to single speed from 21 speed. I found out the price and asked for one for myself, of course on the grounds I don't disclose the price we got. I can't find a pic anywhere on the net, but I'll post one when I get mine assembled.

DocM 02-05-09 07:51 AM

My license renewal. And last week, a set of Fulcrum Racing 7s (in red, of course) for training.

mrbUSA 02-05-09 08:06 AM

I turned 43 today and my wonderful wife bought me the Poseur jersey. Truly fitting :)

MONGO! 02-05-09 08:35 AM

The final piece in the puzzle:

seb1041 02-05-09 08:42 AM

EPO and a pair of robotized bionic legs.

I'll still get dropped.

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