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A crystaline day

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A crystaline day

I sit in front of Starbucks drinking a double skinny triple decaf latte and
with that rare crystaline precision recall that today has been a good day.
I gaze in admiration at the cadillac escababble with the Yakima rack
on the roof, knowing that at least one of my rides will soon be up there.
My bottom is sore from trying all those saddles at the LBS but I know
soon the pain will be all but absorbed by the spenco gel.
It doesn't matter that frothy coffee drink runs down my beard
onto my assos bib shorts as I put a swisher sweet into my mouth and
reach for my nos zippo, it's a good day.
Riding hard, I didn't notice the police vehicle pacing me until his siren
blared and I pulled over, this won't ruin my perfect day.
"whats the matter officer, was I speeding? did I run a stop sign?" I quipped
"no sir, its just your saddle bag was open and you lost your wallet, cell phone
and ronco multitool".
I sheepishly accepted the items, stating that I must have been too much
in the zone to notice. "Strange" he muttered " I would have thought he would
have heard the 6 C02 cartridges exploding"
"uhm what kind of bike is that he asked, I don't believe I've ever seen one
like that". With the pride of a new father I told him it was a Trek Madonna,
newest carbon fibers, custom, with hi-rise handlebars, Exage thumb shifters and
dura Race drivegears. I stash my items and power away the officer shaking
his head in obvious envy.
15 minutes and 1/2 mile later, sweat beading on my forehead I stop at a traffic
light, and a large person of colour approaches. I can tell he is impressed,
he flashes violence and want in a split second as I say "yo hominy, whats the
schnitzel?" he is stunned, all my ACLU classes and reading Langstone Hues
in college has paid off. He knows that I know, he throws back his
head and laughs "and I thought you were scared, you're crazy man." I ride on.
The endomorphins are really kicking now, a Christopher Cross song bubbles
up from my unconscious, fueling me, driving me with its rising rhythm.
Almost to the loop now, some kid on a japanese bike (mazai? banzai? something
like that) so derelict it has no derailleurs, who obviously he has never learned
how to ride curtiously, passes without even an "on your left".
He is dressed haphazzardly, in shorts so baggy that I'm surprized they haven't
caught in the chain. His t-shirt is tattered, his shoes so far gone that they have
to be strapped to his pedals. He is listening to something that sounds like the
beastly boys on acid, blaring out of sony walkmen headphones. He is past me
now, and I think to myself "I ought to tell him how dangerous it is to ride like
that, and no helmet". I launch myself like Cippolini up Luz Adrianne (you know
that stage in the tour de france) my heart pounding, my HRM beeping that I'm
out of zone 3 and almost in complete lactose overload. Its been a brutal .35 Km
but I catch him, and in response he says "Toaster". Toaster? oh I know Coaster,
like Roller COASTER, must be rolling hills up a head so I yell my thanks turn
around and head back to the SUV and starbucks.
yes, with crystalline certainty I know, its a perfect day. . .
Sono pił lento di quel che sembra.
Odio la gente, tutti.

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I was wondering where you were going with that, it was great!
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