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phatmonkey 05-20-08 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by Pam Custer (Post 6556648)
Hey! How much cycling do you do to accomplish that? (How many miles, how much time, how many days/week?) I could stand to lose 20 pounds and need a game plan! Thanks!
By the way, we ended up with Trek Navigators; functionally, they have been fine. But, of course, there's none of the traditional look that I had wanted!

I'm assuming this was directed at me? I started off riding about 50 miles a week in the beginning. A big thing was portion sizes. I ride about 100-150 miles a week now.

commuter33 06-07-08 09:09 PM

Lexington here. Just purchased my first road bike today from our local bike shop. Bought a Giant FCR3. I love it!! I was commuting to work (about 5 miles) on a $100 walmart mountain bike that weighed a ton. This thing feels like nothing compared to it!

ruiner 06-08-08 05:25 PM

Winchester here. I drive a Hummer H2 and I barely give cyclists room when I pass them. Slow down? HA! The way gas prices are I'd rather pay your hospital bills.

All this is of course a joke. I'm still looking to buy a bike just weighing the options.

tripdaddy 06-14-09 10:29 PM

I know this is a musty old thread, but I stumbled across it and thought I would chime in.

My wife and I live in Louisville and just recently got back into cycling. I've got a Marin Muirwoods 29er and she has a Trek 7.2FX WSD.

swebb75ky 06-21-09 07:22 PM

Originally from Louisville, now living in Lexington. (and headed to Denver soon)

I do most of my riding near the airport (parkers mill, military pike, delaney ferry, dry ridge road).

Last year I got several nicholasville/jessamine county rides in. More hills, Kentucky river...


labelcd6 08-09-09 04:43 AM

Carrollton, KY (east of Louisville). Trek ZX 6500.

iron.wren 08-09-09 08:03 PM

Williamsburg in Whitley co.

TeddyBear1951 08-14-09 09:49 AM

I live in Guthrie, KY. about 12 miles from the TN. line. I ride all over Todd county. It is good just to get out now and then.

iron.wren 08-14-09 11:26 AM

i'm 11 miles from the tn line

yrrej 08-14-09 01:05 PM


I live in Richmond and ride a Sequoia Comp. My favorite rides are down to Valley View or
down to Boonesboro.


TeddyBear1951 08-17-09 10:15 PM

Ky. Rider
I live and ride in Todd county KY. Around Guthrie and Elkton KY.

PastorW 08-18-09 10:41 AM

Park City
I live in Park City. I get to ride the roads through Mammoth Cave and on into Edmonson County. I ride a 2008 Gary Fisher Nirvana Hybrid, I have a Wahoo on lay away for the trails, and I'm currently coveting a road bike. This is worse than addiction I think!

bassic wilson 12-16-09 01:32 AM

I've posted on here before. I'm still riding around Campbellsville (Taylor Co.) and am looking for roadies in the area. I try to ride fast, but some days are slow rides. Drop me a line, or reply on here if you are interested. Oh, since we usually tell what kind of bikes we ride I'll say that I now own a BH G5 and it is amazing.

BentCapt 12-19-09 07:16 PM

I'm in North Central KY. I ride in the Frankfort/Versailles area and the Owen/Gallatin County areas.

Rmagers 01-24-10 04:40 PM

I am in Louisville. Usually ride the park system here, as well commute to work 20 mile round trip. I ride a Specialized Crossroads Sport - Commuter. Also rode the OKHT (Louisville to Baardstown and back in 2 days). Want to do more rural riding this year, such as Red River, once the weather breaks.

Flangy 01-26-10 12:39 PM

Also Louisville, out in the St. Matthews area. 60 years old now, used to race some but now just fitness riding. Go all over town. Also did OKHT last year! Riding 2 yr old Trek 2.3 compact, upgraded with Mavic wheels and Specialized saddle, love it, also have a back up 5 yr old Specialized Allez Comp, which is also a great bike. Doing indoor training right now, a little cold outside these days.

bassic wilson 01-26-10 07:59 PM

Rmagers and Flangy, you guys are lucky that you are in Louisville because of the club. I always find a ride with the Louisville Bike Club when I'm up there. I just wanted to point out that you guys have that option, in case you were unaware. I think the site is

I also roll out of Shelbyville quite alot. I race for the bike shop there and we do have casual paced group rides in better weather. The members of the team mainly span I-64 from Louisville to Frankfort and Lexington, with a couple spread out in other places (like me).

Rmagers, I think the RR Gorge area is hosting a race or two and a group ride again this year. In the London KY area, the Redbud Ride will once again happen this spring (maybe April). Those two options can be googled, I'd think.

Guess I'll continue to pilot the roads of Campbellsville and Columbia. Later guys

Flangy 01-28-10 05:08 PM

LBC is a good club....
I ride with them occasionally. They have a lot of regular rides which are fairly easy to catch. I like the people I have met in the club, they are quite active in all cycling related areas around here.

dogbone1 02-11-10 10:46 PM

Good evening from Louisville! Wanting to get back into mountain biking and want to enter some race this spring and summer. Need ideas for training ride locations and motivation! I'll be waiting, thanks in advance!

bassic wilson 02-15-10 12:06 PM

Dogbone1, I'm not an MTB'er at all, but I will reccomend to go to . It is a louisville based site that covers alot of KY's cycling activity. I know they have a "click" or two for mtb riders. Some people say the site is sort of tough to navigate, but hang in there. It has alot of good info and active riders within it. Also, the yahoo group purplerides has active racers posting group rides and etc. Right now, the focus is turning to road (as road season is nearly here), but it's a good place to creep around on, if nothing else.

Hope these two place will be a good start, Wilson - from south central KY

dogbone1 02-16-10 08:07 PM

Yeah it's a bit** to navigate, I'm clueless! Anyway thanks for the info!

Cychologist 02-18-10 03:57 PM

Hoptown here. Mainly ride a Madone, but also have a tandem and Trek cyclocross bike. Love the roads in south Todd, Christian, and Trigg counties.

brucesc 02-20-10 05:51 PM

Hey I just found and joined these forums. I'm in Owensboro. I ride a 2007 Raleigh Route 1 and a 2001 Schwinn Sierra on trails.

kokorozashi 02-27-10 02:20 PM

Louisville here, too...
I keep thinking about hooking up with LBC, though I have my concerns that since I'm still in fat/out of shape mode I wouldn't be much fun to ride with (so I'm looking for other Loutown fatties who can do 15 - 20 MPH on the flat but can't outrun a box turtle up a steep hill and who want to get back in trim :D).

Lexington has some nice riding, too ... when I lived out that way, I used to ride from northwest of UK out past Athens and back 5 days a week -- nicest daily commute I've ever had. Sometimes I'd take a spin around Jacobson Park for fun on the way home. I miss it now (especially when avoiding Bardstown Road traffic at 7:30 AM, which still makes me a tad nervous)!

TeddyBear1951 03-01-10 09:53 AM

South Central KY. checking in. Between Elkton & Guthrie KY.

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